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© VAULT is a project space by Anna Mikkola and Hanna Nilsson.

Audio: Hanne Lippard

When the panel is touched, the wave is absorbed.
Vibrations and frequencies on a x/y axis.

To handle in order to manipulate, alter, or otherwise affect, in an adverse way. Glide your fingertips on top of the plane, and press gently the palm of your hand against the surface. Flat, curved, be tangent to (a surface) at a certain point.

Layer fabrics to improve their handle, appearance and performance. Stitch or laminate an interfacing fabric. Insulated by capturing air in space.

Thermochromic being. Sensitive to the sun.

Direct touch can be bypassed by using a different technique – rather than pressing with the soft skin of an outstretched fingertips, the finger is curled over, so that the tip of a fingernail can be used instead.

Patented Tactical Touch precision.

Performative group show with works by Naja Ankarfeldt (Things, 2013), Alex Dolan (Reminder Glasses, 2013), Olivia Erlanger (Iridescent Rainbow Ninja Stars, 2013), Mia Goyette (Klarer Geschmack / Aus 660 m Tiefe / 15.000 Jahre alt, 2013), Martin Kohout (Sticks, Class A, 2011), Hanne Lippard (Dings (Horrorscope 2014), 2013), Aude Pariset (Clack Tray (Pendleton Boy), 2012), Anna Sagström (Early Winter Promise, cold feet, 2013) and Anne de Vries (Based On Memory, 2012). Photographed by Mikko Gaestel.

Breathing Kevlar, Perforated Skin —
Documentation by VAULT