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Audio: Hanne Lippard

July 16th 2008, anti-retreating line, Vidattaltivu, Manner District, northwest Sri Lanka:

A thick fog hangs low over the sandy beach, swelling around the bases of palm trees that sway in the hot breeze. Mice scurry for shelter as the ominous sound of Mi-24 Hind rotors builds with the fury of God’s own thunder:

“Yesterday, today, tomorrow, forever: victory or death.”

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Date: 16 April 2013 14:56
Subject: Re: Hi
To: Christopher Thomas

Hi Christopher,

As promised attached are RP’s new works inspired by the conflict. He is very much influenced by the more established artists we discussed but is carving a place of his own in the art scene here. He is one of our most successful emerging artist and this will be his 3rd solo exhibition at the gallery.

As you interested in many works, he also works well with commissions. He can work to an exact dimension specification and the prices would be the same.

Let me know if you need more information. And I look forward to hearing about your show in Berlin.

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Existing artworks are purchased by Christopher Kulendran Thomas from the politically unstable margins of international art power and reconfigured for worldwide circulation. Taking as materials the whole system by which art is distributed, cultural exchange is explicitly perverted by the underlying colonial trading patterns that it usually masks. In this part-clandestine evisceration of contemporary art’s globalising mission, art is taken as ecologically contingent within its networked reality. Counter-manipulating imperial interdependencies of art and war, a conspiracy of consequences is set in motion that extends beyond the physical artwork’s visible horizons.

Christopher Kulendran Thomas — (((( ))))
19 – 23/6/2013
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