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○ The (RES) Promethium Supply Kit is assembled by first attaching the central hub to a circular base. The hub acts as the principal foundation for transduction of materials.

○ Attach the Texas Instruments RI-TRP-W9TD-30 RFID component to the central part of the hub with two FDL 300mm cable ties.

○ Attach the Bushnell® – Bone Collector™ Edition Trophy Cam to the upper part of the hub. Make sure it is aligned with the RFID tag and that both are facing forward between two of the pole spokes.

○ Attach the eight Raptor® anti-scaling security spikes to the eight Xchanging converter poles. Make sure that the poles are fully fixed inside the Raptor® security fixings.

○ Each pole is allocated with a number from 1-8 located on the inside, match the numbers with the ones located on the spokes and slot them together.

○ Open up the Bushnell® Camera to turn it on, refer to the product instructions provided if necessary.
Things to remember; The haziness of reality, the potential for misreads, and the mixed meanings of conditions; cause-and-effect + confusion.
1. Anticipate the Issues that Shape Conditions
2. Understand the Consequences of Issues and Actions
3. Appreciate the Interdependence of Variables
4. Prepare for Alternative Realities and Challenges
5. Interpret and Address Relevant Opportunities

Iain Ball — (RES) Promethium Supply Kit
5/6 – 12/6/2013
Documentation by VAULT