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Audio: Hanne Lippard

1. Energy transfer in antenna chlorophyll (thylakoid membranes) femtosecond to picosecond

2. Transfer of electrons in photochemical reactions (thylakoid membranes) picosecond to nanosecond

3. Electron transport chain and ATP synthesis (thylakoid membranes) microsecond to millisecond

4. Carbon fixation and export of stable products millisecond to second

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A leaf shed in autumn.
E0xplore Different Paths Most Efficiently.

Classifying, organizing, Decelerating.

Control Organization.

2A AD 33 6A 18 1C 40 25 83 B2 3D 85 73 3C BA A2 CF B2 0A 39 D6 B3 CC F6

Lars Holdhus — Access Speed
4/9 – 8/9/2013
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